Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Change and Courage

The difference between cowardice and courage is how one reacts to change. Within that reaction - lives the mettle of men. The quality of that mettle rests upon one's answer to the quesion, - from whom do I seek approval? Within that decision - is one's morality. Within that morality is the rock of courage.
When we face difficult change or challenge with our morality firmly in place, our actions will be without fear knowing we can look in the mirror and be accountable to ourselves and God. Only then can we stop being the skulker, fearful of change and challenge. Thereby freeing ourselves from the chains of cowardly indecision, complacency and disappointment, and stride the world as a hero for our Lord. Not just expecting, but embracing change and challenge and turning them to our benefit as His soldier and a champion for change, challenge and ourselves.
Within those principles - lives the adventure of life, and we become an instrument for change, not a victim of it.
~Capt. Gene D. Tomlinson

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