Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joy Ride

Apprehensive, nervous and filled with elation
We crawl behind the wheel, now no trepidation.
Our egos sitting proudly at our side
We begin the embarkation
On our Joy ride.

Sunshowers drenching the day and our lives as we pass those
who’ve chosen to stop and smell a rose,
We hold the wheel of our sturdy steed
Mustang or mayhap a Charger, I suppose
fulfill the need.

Boldly we steer confidently we navigate hazards that appear
Fine tuned machines are we, what? Fear?
A bumpy road here, a spinout there,
We are the sports model dear.
We do not care.

Try this oil.Try this gas.It’ll make you look good as well as go fast.
Wear and tear? What? Ha, we’re made to last!
If not, I’ll get her fixed, I got the warranty.
Plus there is the cash amassed,
Of course you see.

How long will she be in the shop to fix the engine and the brakes?
I don’t remember using them for heaven sakes.
Why is there a balance due on the repairs?
Do you know what might cause aches?
Must be the stares.

Ah, back on the road! Fog, rain, snow the wipers how fast they go!
Why is there ice why sleet and why does the wind strongly blow?
Careful, look out we sure don’t want to wreck!
I’m not a weather man, I don’t know.
Hey! What the heck?!

Man, that sure is a big dent. How do we replace metal with, uh, body fill?
That sure as hell won’t rust! Though it makes a painful bill.
Ah, back on the road. Little vibration now?
In the gas tank, I drop this pill?
That’s better, wow.

Can you see out as good as you need? Come partner, reduce your speed.
This steering wildly, blindly and sowing wild seed,
Is becoming for me increasingly hard.
Besides, there is of a family to feed,
I’m a retard.

Watch, take care, slow down, don’t waste time, make haste wait what? Boy?
When this thing started, I thought it was, all for Joy?
Not tight fist, closed eyes and clenched jaw,
Waiting for the airbag to deploy.
It’s just too raw.

Nice sunset huh? And how the birds sing! See how they quickly take wing?
Come on around young folks. Look already they’ve got a ding!
I don’t blame them though I don’t suppose,
Stop, I hear something, an ice cream bell ring!
Oh look, a rose!

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