Saturday, June 13, 2009


I like to sit outside in the mornings. I know that is where all of us were meant to be that time of day when the weather permits us. There is the smell of early morning and the flowers. The voices of all the birds come together as a symphony of glad sound. The light is gentle and slowly and gently helps us into full day. There is a white wing dove that isn't afraid of me, that has been busy building her nest. She comes to our birdbath, drinks and washes very near where I sit. Her gentle demeanor, along with all the beautiful sounds, smells and sights, allow me a glimpse of the beauty and love of God. These are all surely gifts from our Father. Small tokens from Him to brighten our lives, and confirmation of His abounding love for us all. Surely in the morning, we can all feel, see, hear and smell what our Father has in store for us in Glory

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