Friday, June 19, 2009


One of the primary reasons that we find ourselves in the financial fix we are in now is due to the irresponsibility of financial institutions owned by corporations, and large corporations who practice such irresponsibility with impunity due to their corporate status which provides us no recourse to hold said corporate entities accountable (short of the board of directors in only the most agregious situations - Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Precipitated by the Enron fiasco). Irresonsible lending and mis-managed business were rewarded by "bailing out" these idiots and crooks, further ratifying the recent pernicious trend of lack of accountability. Now we are essentially printing script and throwing it at a problem which begs for some responsible accounting. Once again, I must say, Common sense and logic nearly always conflict with a purely government solution. Or, what is the only thing the government does well?- - -Nothing
Bank local folks. Make sure it's not corporate owned. When you can, shop local. Get out of your company's 401k or insure it (especially if it is a large corporation). Don't let a "fund" manage your finances. Buy gold. Don't use credit cards. Dump your variable rate mortgage. Tighten your belts. Be frugal and pragmatic when you shop. Save gas when you can. And for gosh sakes, stop watching the idiot box! Read with your family, volunteer somewhere, take a class with your kids or spouse in art or something that interest you all, get involved in a cause you believe in and let's get our Republic back.
Your Cynical Servant,
Capt. Gene D. Tomlinson

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