Monday, July 27, 2009



One can feel the rain's pending arrival
The wind changes, strengthens and is gusty
Clouds obscure the sun and bright sky with gray
Colors fade, sun rays briefly peer through them
Pretty sunlit hues now hide behind clouds
They just peer from behind dark barriers
Winking and shining to show their presence

Misty and fine drops begin to moisten
Slowly making it difficult to see
Caution is the watchword when proceeding
Lest we lose traction and slip and injure
It comes time for shelter, and the closeness
Offered at hand and in hand we allow
The rainstorm to come in earnest to us
Large moist drops in earnest are now falling

The sound of the rainstorm, though familiar
Now ushers in the thunder and lightning
Bright flashes are followed by deep rumbling
Causing us to hold tight against the storm
All is wet now, without care or concern
Large drops running down to moisten us both
By their sheer volume they cleanse and purge us
Washing dirt, dust and things unclean away

We gladly now accept the rain torrent
Letting it rend things left here by times past
Cleaning windows and improving our sight
Freshening our lives with healing waters
Making everything seem new and clean
As the rainstorm now behind us settles
With improved vision, we see things anew
Strengthened now by enduring the deluge

Although we can now safely come outside
We might choose to remain held close within
So as to see each other more clearly
Our love is now deepened and purified
By sharing the shelter and comforting
Surviving, knowing that next time we're here
To dry away the waters of the storm
Which fell, not from the sky, but from her eyes


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