Tuesday, July 28, 2009



A little girl became lost and scared in the
woods of life.
As time went by, the woods became darker
deeper and scarier
She couldn't find her way back to her home
or to herself.
She wandered her eyes blurry with tears
and longing.
The girl was brave and she forged on through
the woods alone.
She met many people in the dense, dark woods
who walked with her.
But none could help her find her way back to
her home, herself.
Time passed and she forgot how to get back to
where she came from.
Sometimes, thorns would scratch her as she walked
by rose bushes.
Small trickles of blood would run from these wounds
that stung her.
After more time, she didn't notice the dark, the fear,
or the stings.
She only understood their presence, their existence,
but not hers.
Periodically, she would ask directions for any way
out of the woods.
But the answers she received all pointed different and
conflicting directions.
When one day, she saw a twinkle of light in the form
of words written.
At first she dismissed them, she had seen words before
with no help.
But these words kept urging, trying, loving and helping
the lost girl.
After listening for a short while, the light grew brighter
and she could see.
Another direction became apparent, it's glow ahead
becoming brighter.
The girls spotted a clearing, sky through the woods
peered blue.
The sound of waves greeted her as she approached
the light.
Salt air filled her senses and the cry of seabirds fell
upon her ears.
A feeling of safety washed over her as the waves did on the
now visible beach.
Standing at the water's edge was a seafarer, offering her His
scarred hand.

And for the moment, what she had sought became much
less important.
Who she had become now made sense and comforted
the girl.
After all this time, was it possible that it wasn't home she
was seeking?
Maybe, just maybe, the journey wasn't for naught, it was
rather a path.
To what she was meant to find, and who she was now meant
to be.
God's love light radiated as she approached the man and
the beach.
Could it be that instead of herself she sough, God had her
find Him?
Her sojourn had indeed prepared her for the impossibility
of return.
Had it paved her way to the sea, the light, to God and
possibly Him?
The search had been so hard, because she had been looking
in the wrong place.
It wasn't herself, or her past, or her childhood and freedom
she was seeking.
Perhaps she reasoned, that it was this all along which she had
been meant to find.
Their hands touched, and as their eyes met across the space
of moments.
She knew then, that at least of what she had been seeking
she had found.
She also knew that what she still was meant to find, would be
made easier, by Him


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