Saturday, July 18, 2009



It had been a dreary week with clouds obscuring
our light, and grayness subduing pretty color.
The shades of bright beautiful hues not showing
instead drab dull pastels somber in their pallor.

Making our moods and thoughts dank, somber and dreary
as we moved through our lives missing light's life glow.
When our thoughts turned they turned ever wrongly
to other dank, angry, sadness grind filled with woe.

Pray tell what is missing now, that was just recently
here that stopped this darkness and brightened life so?
When this warm glow lightened our lives filled with glee
no anger, sadness, angst or stresses did we know.

Then, the sun came out, bright yellows, hues of gold
warmth, safety and happiness returned to the we.
Twas that tingly, lovely color filled day we fortold
to ourselves and promised us we would again see.

The beautiful beams and rays of light did through
the clouds dark and bleak blanket of color deploy.
Brightening her eyes the fine, happy bright sunlight
lifted the we from the dank and filled us with joy.

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