Tuesday, July 28, 2009



I'm a fisherman and seafaring man
I've had many lines to tend in my life
There are lines which we untie at the dock
So we can leave the safety of the port
There are lines fastening sail to rigging
We use lines on the compass to guide us
Latitude lines and the longitude lines
Are on our maps to show us our location

Lines are trolled and drifted with baits and hooks
These are the true fishing lines of our trade
Lines of debarkation mark our exit
From our country's water to the high seas
Our ship, has lines to mark it's areas
One can be amidships, or on the bow
One can be on port side or on starboard
And you can also be abaft the beam

Using rope lines on deck is marlinspike
Sextants have lines to measure the sun with
Against lines on the clock and horizon
Running chart lines to find underwater
Structure invisible from the surface
Anchor line holds our ship in place at sea
Fuel and water lines serve our engines
In port, spring lines keep us centered in slip

But even though I am well versed in lines
I now find myself with a whole new set
Of lines for which I must concern myself
For it is love lines of which I now speak
She has lines I must tend to and care for
There is a line she has drawn for herself
A line she wishes to cross to find and be free
Of life line bonds she has submitted to

She has lines on her cheeks where the tears flow
It is my job to cause the happy ones
And indeed my job to dry the sad ones
She had lines that kept her from saying words
Words I desperately wanted to hear
But we have now thrown that line off the ship
And "I love you" is free to sail to me
Causing my own tears to make lines on me

I tend carefully to the lines I write her
Each line turning into a pretty verse
Which when she reads I pray she will be pleased
Then her smile will make those pretty smile lines
By the eyes which have read my simple lines
The line between me and her has faded
The line that ties me to her has strengthened
Lines form the word we and toward it we move

I'm a fisherman and seafaring man
I've had many lines to tend in my life
But I now tend the lines God intended
Her lines. I will remove them, care for them
Dry them, cause them, cross them, share them, love them
Until lines woven into us create
Strong fabric from which we will make our sails
To sail into the line of our horizon

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