Thursday, July 30, 2009



She was christened, and got underway
Her bright new sails and shiny brass gleaming
In the morning sunlight's bright gleaming day
She made her way out toward the horizon
As proud onlookers cheered her departure
Unblemished, she proudly plied smooth waters
She accustomed herself to being at sea
Experiencing, feeling, and learning

Waves building as the sea deepened beneath
Her bow slicing through waves with confidence
Sails billowing as she catches the breeze
Jib set proudly, her mainmast strong and tall
Sturdy hull tightly planked, shiny new decks
Now starting to be covered with bow-spray
As she makes her way toward fathoms deeper

Whitecaps breaking on top of larger swells
Storm clouds building gusts lashing her topsails
Wood creaking now plunging into large waves
Rain falling making vision difficult
She reduces sail and speed for safety
And quarters the sea to lessen the blow
A sail tears and is brought down from the mast
Her roll and yaw increasing mightily

Her lines tight against the belaying pins
A small paint chip here, a small cracked plank there
She maintains strength against the storm's strong blows
Lightning flashes in the sky, thunder rolls
Water runs down her hatch into the hold
Her confidence waning as she holds on
She assesses her damage and maintains
Steady on course through the brunt she makes wake

Light filters through the clouds and brings her hope
The huge waves begin to subside slowly
Giving way to slow rollers, lighter wind
She re-furls her full cloths to improve speed
Making good time again as she passes
Beautiful islands and lovely seashores
She makes port, sliding gently into slip
Lines tied off, decks scrubbed and repairs made

Ah the safety of port and the ease of
Being behind breakwaters and jetties
No large waves, no deep water, no strong wind
Can hurt her as long as she's in harbor
Barnacles attach, worms bore and moss grows
On her once shiny hull, she sits safely
Though and quietly with the others there
This is the life she thinks, no waves are here

She watches others come and go bravely
In from and out to the deep blue sea
Are they thinking straight she now asks herself
And then realizes that she too yearns
For the offshore breeze and for the ocean
She is a ship after all, not a dock
She loves the beautiful islands and waves
She yearns now to be free to sail her sea

The comfort of harbor was nice and safe
But how can a ship stay there all her life
How can she fulfill her life's destiny
What beautiful adventures and sights missed
What other ships might she meet and share love
And her hopes and desires and dreams with them
How can she reach her horizon from here
She is a ship, and her lines now come off

In the morning sunlight's bright gleaming day
She makes her way out toward her horizon
As proud onlookers cheer her departure
Experienced and proud, she plies the waves
She knows what it is like to be at sea
Experiencing, feeling and learning
She sees beautiful islands and beaches
As she heads toward her destined horizon


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