Monday, August 10, 2009



Beautiful soothing hues of soft blue-green
Radiate softy up from the depths and into
Her eyes as she nears the ocean shore
They glow back a soft contended green at
Her love's love and beyond the fathomless
Depths of the ocean's soul and into his own
Sea foam palette down into his heart where
She knows a safe place awaits her own
Pulse and where she can rest her blue tinted
Mind while adjusting the spectrum of her life
The ocean nearby reminds them by it's roar
And the delicious salt aroma wafting inland
Over their bluish tinted spirits waiting for it's
Cleansing waters and healing waves breaking
Onto the sands of time on the shores of life
Where the burdens of eternity have been left
For the mighty bosom of Poseidon's realm
To eventually consume and send to oblivion
Here they too have come to lay a burden
Upon the sands and to add their tears to
The same salt waters of the sea's blue-green
Depths rending the blues from themselves
And allowing the breaking waves to take
All shades of that darker color which even
Though beautifully mixed with their greens
Does make a lovely turquoise, that isn't their
Color, their color is green, their matching eyes
Reflecting the sameness of their kindred souls
Hearts beating alike and quickening together
And slowing to a soft slow perpetual rhythm
As the blue slowly leaves them and returns
To the sea where it belongs while turning it
The receptor of their pain and sorrow


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