Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Bare existence was never meant to be
All a person should aspire for in life
God has provided ways for us to see
Beyond this world which is so filled with strife
When one can look past this plane's horizon
And ignore the undertow of today's
Pernicious world's lack of love's bright vision,
We start to completely see better ways

Intertwined lives no longer held tightly
Together, now easily tossed aside
Gifts of the heart discounted, not rightly
Considered never brought fully inside
Words once deep now flippantly tossed around
The words “I love you”, now disposable
Plastic, phony, cheap and mean all abound
True love so rare it is not usable

Souls shielded from the onslaught of the storm
Impervious to all benevolence
Whether giving or receiving, the norm
In a world so use to it pestilence
Rife with the terrible effects of hate
Heads reel with horrific daily news heard
As we all pray that it isn't too late
Mindless ones in command of all our fate

Then shines an aurora in the dark gloom
Of life's pallor and so colors my world
Back from the edge I come, back in the room
More green now than blue my life palettes swirled
Shimmering mutual light paints a bright
Pattern of brightly glowing sea tinted
Expression and aqua prism of light
Senses filled and all orange blossom scented

A gift from God today it seems I've got
Added to the two which I love so much
God lifted me up to see what I've sought
And I could see clearly and over such
Obstacles and refuse of world clatter
And all the way to Florida it seems
The dreary world doesn't seem to matter
And like in the sea, life's bounty now teems

Bright fresh sunrise over the Texas shore
And sunsets once again glowing orange, red
To the western skyline I look once more
Hanging on every glance now and word said
Heightened in awareness of His glory
Strengthened by the consciousness of His grace
Looking forward to telling the story
Sharing with others who are stuck in place

The miracle of the gift of true love
Given and received so easy and free
That it must been sent from up above
Why did I get it, a sinner like me
Happiness so elusive lately now
Manifest in many wonderful ways
If others could just look up and see how
Then their lives would be filled with brighter days

Using this for an example and guide
Like St. Elmo's fire's bright lightning like light
Into vision of what's needed they'd slide
Lifted up higher for much better sight
Days filled with smiles, laughs and oh so much fun
Thankful life's easier and wonderful
Seemingly much brighter though the same sun
Making oceans and lives bountiful


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