Thursday, August 6, 2009



Black clothes, black nail polish and black lipstick
to her was her statement to all the world.
She rebelled against the hypocrisy
which around so many in her life swirled.
Her dreams not matching her dark demeanor,
but instead they held shining bright lights.
The future was though mystery to her,
during this her life voyage of dark sights.

So young and bright and hopeful her plans
of life in contrast to her darkness glowed.
Against the clock and against the time sands
her life's meaning and purpose somehow slowed.
And motherhood, now reality,
changed the Cali goth girl's paths and her life.
How, she pondered could this really now be
me being a mother and a young wife?

But it was to be and over ten fold
as children became her life, and her dreams.
True love she had found while cradling them told
of deeper meaning for all life it seems.
Her life went quickly by, surrounded by
her children and family which had arose.
She wondered at it all with a soft sigh, as
she painted her nails black, and put on her
black clothes.

(a poem written for Mischelle LaDorne Hart Bowser, a dear friend and mother of 10)

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  1. Dear Gene, thinking of you and thankyou for this poem to me. Love always, Mischelle