Tuesday, August 4, 2009



High overhead the gulls laughed
at those who didn't have wings.
The ones without wings looked
at their feet, and the sand underneath.
Waves lapped and washed tirelessly
working at their beach building labor.
While the wingless ones built castles
out of the fruits of the waves labor.
A river emptied it's contents into
the ocean, completing it's own work.
Crabs walked sideways indifferently
with claws upheld instead of wings.
Mullet jumped to get a look at the
wingless ones that built the castles.
Dunes rise and fall over the years
because the wind won't rest either.
Shells hide in the sand and wait
for the wingless castle builders.
They use them for decoration since
the original inhabitants have left.
Seaweed washes up around the feet
of the wingless ones and tickles them.
Jellyfish float listlessly along pulling
behind their strings of stinging tails.
The wingless ones try to pretend they
have fins sometimes and swim like fish.
But they always go back and lay under
funny, round and brightly colored trees.
Wingless castle builders eat from colored
boxes full of hard water and clear leaves.
They make loud noises when the small
builders are learning to build castles.
Many times, they leave some of the
things from the colored boxes behind.
The sand has to cover them up so that
they might find them later, or not.
The castle builders didn't use to be
here like the rest of us have been.
They are new, but they somehow think
they know all about the beach and estuary.
The small flies and spider crabs don't
seem to care or notice them at all.
Their castles always wash away, but
for some reason they build more.
Starting their labor which isn't much
labor compared to the river and sea.
Not compared to the wind or waves
and tides and rain and the sun of course.
And their castles aren't as nice as the
ones we build now are they gulls?
High overhead the gulls laughed
at those who didn't have wings.


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