Saturday, August 1, 2009



In the deep sea,
life centers around change.
The change from brown water to
green and around the change from green
water to blue. Here usually two distinctly
different types of water exist, either warmer and
colder or traveling different directions, usually both.
Usually there is a lot of debris around this point of
change, and they are easily visible. Small fish and
crustaceans hide beneath this gathering of flotsam
and jetsam, and larger fish in turn are attracted to it.
Overhead seabirds circle, the opportunist looking
for food in the life filled water change line below.
We fisherman gather there, trolling for the big
fish below, the ultimate predator and un-hunted.
A distinct line of sea grass many times marks the
spot for us, or a dramatically visible color change.
Oftentimes from a translucent green, to a crystal
clear and nearly transparent color of beautiful blue.
When heading offshore, it is hard for us to continue
on to the perfect colored water, it takes more time
and fuel and we are anxious to begin catching fish.
So goes our lives. We usually are prone to stopping
in the imperfect waters because it is quicker and
easier, and we are anxious to begin living our lives.
But should we be patient, and continue on to
the beautiful clean and perfectly colored water,
we are always rewarded by it's bounty that
we find by seeking the color change.
There will be a conflict of
current and mercurial
extremes for us to
contend with as
we head to
lives and
much more
perfect endings.
There will be debris
that has gathered around
this change, but it will stay
gathered there and you will leave
it behind as you head toward your
beautiful clear and shining blue water.
We can't be afraid of the color change of
our lives, and it is that to which we should
all aspire to reach and, to dwell within it with
those who have chosen to make it to that change
with us. For they too, have waited and have come
a long way just to be with us. Drawn and coaxed by
the bounty of the change and the beautiful colors of it's
water. And helped there by a fisherman, just as on the sea.



  1. One of your best ever, Gene!


  2. ************************************************beautiful Gene. simply beautiful.